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Re: apcupsd package dead?

On Fri, 7 Dec 2001 lintux@lintux.cx wrote:

> First you can ask the original maintainer wazzup. Give him(/her) time to
> respond. If you don't hear anything, just do your changes and send them to
> somebody who can do the upload. I can do it, if you'd like.
Or instead try nut!
I was told that nut would solve all UPS daemon problems nicely.
It is just my lazyness that I did not changed my working UPS setup
which I did with smupsd. (I maintain this package before nut came into
Debian because not a single other UPS-daemon worked for my setup.)
If you do not have any success you could perhaps try smupsd.  The
problem is that APS devices speak two different protocols and not
each cable is able to speak each protocol.  Smupsd was the only
one which worked for my type of cable.

And, you are right, it's hard to cope with such stupid
cable-protocol-daemon stuff :-(.

Kind regards


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