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Re: DVD and CSS access while installing

* Mikael Hedin <mikael.hedin@irf.se> [20011130 10:49]:
> I just ITPed ogls, a DVD player.  It works without css for
> non-scrambled dvd:s, but for the most cases, you nees libdvdcss
> installed.  It's not mentioned in the ../devel/wnpp/unable-to-package
> page, but I assume it cannot be distributed by one or another law.  
> There is however a .deb with libdvdcss available at
> http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download.html, so my question is: can I
> make a script that downloads the libdvdcss.deb e.g. while installing
> ogle?  Would that break any laws?  It would be very convenient if
> possible.

Hrm... I packaged Ogle too recently, just been a bit busy and slow at
getting it online anywhere.  Are you just avoiding the MMX issue?
Ogle's MPEG2 decoder doesn't have runtime acceleration detection
support.  All done at compile time.  As I understand it you really need
to make MMX specific and i386 specific packages?  The un-accelerated
version is fairly useless in this case though.

I noticed you also put up a52dec.  I packaged that a long while back.
Still in the NM queue though... never got it in the archives.  It's at
http://gstreamer.net/releases/debian/.  I have some updates to those not
online yet.  Renamed liba52-dev to liba52-0-dev to get versioning to not
conflict with a possible liba v52. ;)  Despite what the upstream
maintainer walken (hi!) thinks about shared libs, I think they should be
provided as well.  That static lib dev package only thing is lame.

While asking about the liba52-0-dev name thing on debian-mentors the
netbsd libac3 issue came up.  They have removed all traces (I think) of
AC-3 and A/52 code due to legal threats.  I think other Debian packages
(Xine?, VideoLAN?) have copies or other implmentations of libac3 or
liba52 already though.  I haven't gotten around to asking -legal about
it yet.  But since you're already uploading the packages, this issue
should be looked at soon.

David I. Lehn <dlehn@vt.edu>  | http://www.lehn.org/~dlehn/
Computer Engineering Graduate @ Virginia Tech in sunny Blacksburg, VA

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