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Re: Sylpheed BUG on "autodetect codeset" Re: libglib1.2 falling behind libgtk1.2??

>>>>> On 07 Dec 2001 02:27:33 -0500,
>>>>> "s" == safemode <safemode@speakeasy.net> wrote:

s> Solution to that would be to have it turned on on development releases
s> of debian and turn it off when it finally is released, or at least
s> frozen.   

s> But besides that, does this have anything to do with why gdk is getting
s> window destruct calls and unknown attribute errors from gtk programs? 
s> Because if it isn't then i dont see why the thread should have been
s> mutated to this specific problem.  

Well, that option provides several debugging
solution. however basically if the users doesn't need it,
those codes should be run. I mean when the developers need
any debugging info, they have to add args like
--gtk-debug. but maybe those codes is not doing more
tests. so that even if they don't need any debugging info,
the applications may be not runs correctly.

I don't know why sylpheed can't detect the codeset
automatically, but a certain trouble may occur in the
portion using gdk or gtk widget.

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