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Bug#122781: general: Python dependency conflict renders boot

On 07-Dec-2001 Robert D. Carboneau wrote:
> Package: general
> Version: 20011207
> Severity: important
> I'm totally unable to install the boot-floppies package, due to a conflict
> between dependencies, to wit:
> boot-floppies 3.0.17 depends on python-dev and python-xml.
> python-dev 2.1.1-4 depends on python.
> python-xml 0.6.6-2 depends on python-base.
> python 2.1.1-4 conflicts with python-base.

boot-floppies may be in the wrong and require updating but, sid's current
python-xml is 0.6.6-5 which has the correct depends info.  Woody may not be
fully up to date after the python change over.  Grabbing the proper python-xml
from sid may help out.

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