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Bug#122781: general: Python dependency conflict renders boot-floppies uninstallable

Package: general
Version: 20011207
Severity: important

I'm totally unable to install the boot-floppies package, due to a conflict
between dependencies, to wit:

boot-floppies 3.0.17 depends on python-dev and python-xml.
python-dev 2.1.1-4 depends on python.
python-xml 0.6.6-2 depends on python-base.
python 2.1.1-4 conflicts with python-base.

Now, I have to state, my system setup may well be in a -very- weird state. I
accidentally upgraded to sid, and attempted to amend this by changing all
the references in my apt.sources file back to woody, starting up aptitude,
updating the packages, removing everything listed under 'obsolete', then
going thru all the installed packages by hand and for any package with
multiple listed versions, telling it to install the oldest one that didn't
say 'potato', running that, exiting aptitude, doing an 'apt-get clean' (and
whishing I'd remembered to do so earlier), then an 'apt-get upgrade' (which
didn't do anything). If that's not enough to fix it, I'd really like to know
what else I need to do.

I'm filing this on general because I really don't know what package is
responsible for this. Important because I figured that was the right
severity for "won't even install on a possibly odd setup". If either of
these choices was wrong, I apologize.

-- Rob

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Kernel Version: Linux infrafox 2.4.13 #2 Tue Dec 4 15:00:31 CST 2001 i586 unknown

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