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Re: libglib1.2 falling behind libgtk1.2??

>>>>> On Wed, 5 Dec 2001 17:41:44 -0200,
>>>>> "GNS" == Gustavo Noronha Silva <kov@debian.org> wrote:

GNS> Hello Akira, do you know this problem? is it possible that the
GNS> trigger of all this is the lag between libgtk and libglib?
GNS> It doesn't seem to be a gnome problem or an app-specific problem.
GNS> It has come to appear a week or so ago, so could those backported
GNS> patches be the problem? (see 1.2.10-5 changelog)?

Well, no, I believe that those patches doesn't relate
it. as Christian said, I have received BTS(Bug#121417) for
gnapster at libgtk1.2-1.2.10-4. However I could not
reproduce it and as the result of trace log, it was very

In addition, my galeon and sawfish-gnome also works
fine. even if I switched some workspaces, it works for me.

Anyway please let me know how to reproduce it absolutely. I
want to fix those strange bugs.

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