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Re: ITP: mta-dummy

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Adam McKenna wrote:

> 1) Many unrelated packages depend on mail-transport-agent.  This is for the
> most part not true of the others you mentioned.  Generally, things depending
> on httpd are related to httpd or run under httpd.  Things depending on m-t-a
> are just packages that need to send mail.

The problem is: With your dummy package every package with a

  Depends: mail-transport-agent

has now implicitely instead something like a

  Depends: mail-transport-agent | mta-dummy

(the difference is that now you can't be sure that a real MTA is installed
 when the dependencies are fulfilled with your dummy package in the main
 Debian archive)

To avoid the breakages your package might cause other packages will soon
start to

  Depends: mail-transport-agent
  Conflicts: mta-dummy

> --Adam



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