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Re: lintian, strip --strip-unneeded, section, and priority

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> > Not sure why strip doesn't remove these ...
> Me either. Is it a bug?

Nope.  --strip-unneeded just removes SYMBOLS that aren't needed for
relocation processing, not sections.  I'll quote the docs:

     Remove all symbols that are not needed for relocation processing.

If you want to remove sections like .note and .comment, then you'll have
to explicitely do so with -R.

Off-list update: I just wrote back to Dale about this off-list and figured
that it may be time for me to improve dh_strip a bit to have it detect
whether or not it can safely remove .comment and/or .note before blindly
doing so.  In some cases (Xserver modules on alpha, for example), to
remove .comment and .note will break things, but while I don't want those
bits to be stripped, I don't see the point of the rest of the binaries in
the package that don't have a problem being stripped remaining unstripped.
I'm not sure I can catch the X situation into some kind of test, but I'll
certainly try.  The end result should be a more intelligent

I'll also try to come up with something for non-debhelper packages to
include that accomplishes the same thing.


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