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Re: libglib1.2 falling behind libgtk1.2??

On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 03:06:56AM -0200, Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:
> On 04 Dec 2001 22:28:31 -0500
> safemode <safemode@speakeasy.net> wrote:
> > It seems that libgtk was updated quite a lot and libglib hasn't been
> > since 1.2.10-3. libgtk is now at 1.2.10-6 and the compilation
> > differences are starting to show. I'm getting frequent gdk errors that
> > cause the app to segfault.  This happens across all gtk apps i've had
> > running.   If nobody else is seeing this i'll chalk it up to my X
> > server, but the only thing that's changed since it worked fine to now is
> > the latest packages of libgtk1.2 and libgtk1.2-common. 
> I'm having gdk_window being destroyed unexpectly on galeon and sylpheed-claws
> at least...

That's nothing.  I can "unexpectedly destroy" just about any window!

I'm running sawfish (from sawfish-gnome).  I have six workspaces open,
and sawfish is configured to switch between them using CTRL-LEFTARROW
and CTRL-RIGHTARROW.  All I need to do is open a window, then rapidly
flip back and forth between workspaces.  After maybe 10 seconds of
this, the window will vanish, and a bunch of

  Gdk-WARNING **: GdkWindow 0x800188 unexpectedly destroyed

notes appear in .gnome-errors.

Windows occasionally disappear while flipping workspaces at a normal
pace, too.  This has been going on for a week or so, and is darned
annoying ...


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