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Bug#122453: ITA: jboss: An Open-Source(LGPL) J2EE implementation

Package: debbugs
Severity: wishlist

Section: non-free/admin
License: LGPL
Description: An OpenSource J2EE implementation
 JBoss is an implementation of the Java2 Enterprise Edition EJB
 container. It provides container based persistance, message queues,
 transaction management and the other services one would expect from a
 J2EE container.

While JBoss is LGPL, it has to go into non-free at the moment, as the upstream
tarball contains non-redistributable, non-free code.  I have not yet split
this functionallity off.  Once I do this, however, JBoss can move to contrib,
as it will still depend on this split functionality, in addition to requiring

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