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Re: Debian trademark [was: Debian GNU/w32, may ready to be started?]

Shaya Potter wrote:

> I don't doubt you, as in a perfect world I would agree.  But perhaps I'm
> cynicall, as the FSF always wants Linux and GNU mentioned together, but
> to me Linux is not necc a "free system" i.e. RedHat distributes software
> that the FSF probably doesn't consider free (pine), but would the FSF be
> happy or unhappy if they called it RedHat GNU/Linux?  my understanding
> is that they would be happy, perhaps I'm mistaken.

I think the FSF would prefer that Linux distros not offer non-free
software. In any case, the Linux kernel itself, the GNU tools, and the
core components of pretty much every Linux distro are free software. You
don't _have_ to install any non-free software on a Red Hat system, do
you? In contrast, is there any such thing as a free Win32 kernel that
exists in usable form today? (Usable meaning, I could replace Windows 2000
with it and expect equivalent or better stability and functionality, with
all my Win32 apps and device drivers fully functional.)


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