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Re: partial mirroring

Hans Freitag wrote:
> I wrote a mirror package, too. But it mirrors the whole distribution
> parts, not "single" packages.

Mirroring the whole distribution is trivial. You don't have to care
about extracting the needed bits from the original packages files and

> Maybe apt-proxy do similar things your script does.

>From what I saw about apt-move, it can't handle multiple distributions.
I'd be happy to be thought overwise, through.

> Whats about cleaning up unused packages, and a seperate config file?

Sure, but first of all, I just wanted it work for me.

> Maybe one programming language is better for the future.

Yes, those scripts don't really belong together. I wrote the perl script
for some other purpose sometime ago. I just added it because it can be
useful to process the package list with it before.


Roland Bauerschmidt

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