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Re: Stop it

"Pete Kohl" <petekohl@caves.net> writes:

> The debian page comes up on my computer when I try to access
> www.gunsamerica.com on the web. I have never even heard of debian
> and do not want it to keep interfering with my web browsing.Does
> this have something to do with me suddenly getting denied access to
> www.gunsamerica web site with something called a type45 denial of
> access stating that the credentials that I provided are not
> acceptable. What credentials? I don't think I ever gave any
> credentials to anyone.Can you fix the problem and make your page go
> away or at least explain why the interference was installed on me
> and what can I do to fix it?

The regularity of this annoyance suggests to me that the default page
we are installing is not adequate.  It *should* be adequate, but
unfortunately there are just too many clueless fools in the world.  We
need something else--perhaps just a straightforward error message,
with a very brief note attached.

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