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Re: Debian GNU/w32, may ready to be started?

It's no problem running Debian on Microsoft Windows.  One can link with
any dll's that are part of an OS (there can be a Debian GNU/Solaris if
one wanted to make a whole addon for solaris).  One doesn't have to
justify it by saying "there are free implementation of windows)


On Sat, 2001-11-24 at 18:14, Robert Millan wrote:
> Hello!
> Mark Paulus has succesfully built dpkg under a cygwin environment and
> provided
> installation instructions for a basic Debian system.
> IMHO, the whole thing is ready to be officially started. both dpkg binaries
> and html
> files can be found at http://debian-cygwin.sf.net. most base system
> packages are not
> yet ready but this will take little time. installing cygwin from upstream
> covers the base
> system for now.
> The port name was agreed to be 'w32' last time when A Menucc1 posted about
> it.
> There aren't any licensing, DFSG-compliance or policy problems, since w32
> packages don't
> necessarily depend on a nonfree platform:
> This port is meant to run on any win32 implementation. Some win32
> implementations are free (wine, reactos), others are not (microsoft).
> free implementations are of course recommended and cygwin is proven
> to work fine on wine.
> if it comes to start the port, i suggest to contact Mark Paulus
> <mpaulus78@earthlink.net> first for his comfirmation that the thing is
> ready.
> Regards,
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