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Re: Please stop the discrimination of non-free packages

James Troup <james@nocrew.org> writes:

> Are you volunteering, to do so?  Was Adrian?  

This is what it really comes down to.

> [1] Such as Richard's point about dependency on non-free or unpackaged
>     software, or Branden's point about the fact that we simply don't
We being yourself, Richard and Branden? You don't speak for Debian.

I think what we need to avoid these debates is a way to spin off a
Debian-non-free project, into its own organization, possibly backed by
our hardware at the beginning to ensure a smooth transition.  That
way, they can produce stuff that works with Debian, but yet is clearly
seperated into its own thing.  Or something like that... the current
situation is kind of weird.  How do you guys explain to someone who
doesn't know anything about Linux or Debian that non-free isn't
"really" part of Debian?

Or something like that...
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