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Seeking testers for aptitude on slow machines

  Having just fixed a nasty performance bug in aptitude, I'm set to
upload a new version which might or might not have performance problems
on low-end hardware.

  The new version has incremental search capabilities, which pretty much
means it does the same amount of computation as a search every time you type
a character at the search prompt.  Since the search routines aren't (in my
recollection) blazingly fast on slow systems, I'm concerned that this might
do Bad Things to people's ability to use aptitude on slow computers.

  So I'd appreciate it if people could download the prerelease on "slower"
systems and report on how usable this is for them.

  I've uploaded a prerelease (version to:

  Whatever the result of this is, the incremental-search behavior will
be toggleable; I just need to decide whether to make the toggle default
to on or off.  Since I know most people never modify the configuration,
I'd rather have it available by default...but if it cuts out too much
hardware, I'll make it be off by default.


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