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What will one find in newly released Debian Woody 3.0 ???

Hi all!

I am preparing a press article about Debian Woody. I put together
a short list of items that are of interest here.
IANAL but a human only and I dont know everything about what I
am to talk about ;-)

Anything You can add to the list below or
anything You can say (interesting) about the items
will be greatly appreciated.

So what is (will be) new in Woody compared to Potato ?
Here is the basic list:

- new number: 3.0 ;-)
- new/old but improved installator (the new one didn't catch up :-( )
   - ReiserFS and ext3 support (but no LVM unfortunatelly)
   - internationalization (? what languages ?)
- improved package system managment (some more here needed)
   - apt-get package ;-)
   - some improvements in dpkg (--showformat, but what major ones ?)
   - localized packages descriptions (how many languages ? packages ?)
   - no task-*-dev packages, now use apt-get build-dep <package name>
     what about NEW here functionality ? any sources of info ?
   - new frontends (anyone have a list ?)
- new architectures
- new packages (I listed just few of them)
   - apache 2.0 with virtual domains, managment scripts, new dirs etc.
   - (NSA Security Enhanced Linux) - so what ? ;-)
   - XFree 4.1.X
   - KDE 2.2.X (which one really ?)
   - GNOME 1.4
   - new SSH (which version will make it?)
   - PostgreSQL (about 7.1.X ATM?), MySQL (which version ?)
- crypto in main (Yes !?) (will IKP come in too ?)
- Fully (?) compliant with LSB (how about installing LSB packages ?
   anyone tried ? anyone've seen such a beast so far ?)
- GCC 3.0 - OMG! - what about it ???

How about Your 0.02$ here ? Will You give more ? ;-)

				Grzegorz Prokopski

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