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ITP: magicfilter-forcefilter

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist


Since the stupid printer spooler running on my Amiga (which is
binary-only, so I can't fix it) likes to tell lpd that the file should not
be filtered, magicfilter is called with the -c option which makes it
ignore all filters configured. Alas, this cannot be turned off, so to make
my printer usable again, I had to hack a tool which removes the "-c"
option from the command line (a script wouldn't do due to the way
magicfilter is called). To properly integrate this into my system, I've
packaged it (and probably other people might want such a thing too).

Description: Force filtering with magicfilter against the user's request
 With the BSD lpr command, it is possible to specify that the job is not to be
 run through a print filter. To avoid abuse, the filter is still run, but told
 not do do anything. Magicfilter obeys this, which may not be what you want.
 This program simply wraps around the magicfilter main binary, removing the -c
 option if present. This is necessary if some broken lpr/lpd client (I'm using
 NetParLpd on the Amiga if you want to know it) says that the file already has
 been filtered and should be sent to the printer as is. You may also find this
 useful if you have a filter configured that uses magicfilter and should never
 be bypassed (such as detecting evil postscript code etc.).

License is GPL, and yes, I had fun writing that description.


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