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Re: lseek error / LFS support with potato

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 04:44:01PM +0100, Emil Pedersen wrote:
> Yes, I found after sending the letter.  But since this only works when
> you compile the program yourself, and the database acording to the
> support should not suffer from this limit, I thought maybe there was
> some magic flip I had to switch.  Some key that made lseek syscalls use
> the 64-bit version if available or something like that.  Perhaps some
> missing links from src/include(lib) to kernel-src/include(lib) or some
> other issue I'd missed.

But that couldn't possibly work.

The program is compiled.  It has compiled into it code which knows
that off_t is 4 bytes long.  E.g. it only allocates 4 byts on the
stack for off_t, that sort of thing.  It couldn't possibly work with
an 8 byte off_t.

Change the size of a data type, in a language like C, will always
force a recompile...


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