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lseek error / LFS support with potato

Hello everyone.

A few days ago I "upgraded" (or tried to) a potato server installation
to support files bigger than 2GB.
  I got the impression that all that was needed was a 2.4.x kernel and
the testing/unstable version of libc6/libc6-dev.  I did this, used 'dd'
to create a 3.5GB large file from /dev/zero and everthing seemed to

  However, today it turns out that the database (Mimer-8.2.2) still does
not work the way it's supposed to.  It seems like the program is having
problem using 'lseek', probably becouse the argument and return-types
(off_t) is just 4 bytes long.  Indeed when I check the size of 'off_t'
 ( fprint("Sizeof: %d", sizeof(off_t)); ) it is 4 bytes.

The include files indicates that some "kernel/system/..." #define should
be set to increase the size, but where do this come from or how is it
defined?  How do I get the precompiled database to "load" the right
(64bit) version of lseek, or in some other way get pass this

It feels like I've missed something, but what?

By the way, the new kernel 2.4.9+aacraid patch) was installed from a
.deb package made using 'make-kpkg kernel_binary', I also made
'make-kpga kernel_source' and installed it since I thought maybe there
was some files that should be linked into the kernel source tree. 
Unfortunately it didn't help.

Please tell me what I've missed!  And please reply directly me (as well
as the list if proper) since I'm not on on debian-devel list yet.


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