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Re: Proposal: Virtual package motif, motif-dev

Tille, Andreas <TilleA@rki.de> wrote:

> I?m dealing with a package which would compile either with lesstif or motif.
> I have to make it build-depend from one of them in the current state.
> I would really like to have the freedom to use just the installed
> flavour od the motif providing library.

Is this a Debian package? If so, you can't have a situation where it will
be linked against either lesstif or motif depending on what's installed.
It must choose one or provide two copies of itself, one for each library.

If it chooses one, then you should declare a build-depends on it, otherwise
you need to build-depend on both.

I don't think a virtual package is satisfactory in either situation.
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