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Re: Grub

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001 00:18, Jason Thomas wrote:
> > Grub totally lacks serial console support!!!
> grub has serial console support

Great!  How do I enable it?

> > Also I have needs for three different types of setup, booting from hard
> > drive, and booting from two different versions of the Tulip driver (the
> > grub Tulip driver seems buggy - unlike the kernel drivers I can't have
> > one driver
> grub uses the etherboot drivers, so grub supports whatever they do!

That's not the real problem.  The problem is that I have two different setups 
of grub and I have to remove one package and install the other to create a 
boot disk for the different type of machine!  Ideally grub should support 
installing different sets of files on different disks without needing to 
change packages.

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