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Re: Grub

On Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 11:47:08PM +0100, Russell Coker wrote:
> Does GRUB work on anything other than i386?  The Debian package is an i386 
> only package.


> I believe that there is nothing directly equivalent to the -R option for 
> LILO, this allows you to configure lilo to boot a kernel once and then revert 
> to the default.  So if you have remote control of the power (or can phone 
> someone who only knows enough to push reset) then you could put in a new 
> kernel last on the list and then run "lilo -R new-kernel ; reboot", if after 
> a few minutes your machine is not online again you can get reset pressed 
> which gets the old kernel again.  I know I could do the same thing with grub 
> by editing menu.lst with sed, but this works AFTER the kernel has mounted 
> root (which may be too late).

this is being discussed on the grub mailing list now!

> Grub totally lacks serial console support!!!

grub has serial console support

> Also I have needs for three different types of setup, booting from hard 
> drive, and booting from two different versions of the Tulip driver (the grub 
> Tulip driver seems buggy - unlike the kernel drivers I can't have one driver 

grub uses the etherboot drivers, so grub supports whatever they do!

> work with all my cards).  Using grub alone would require three versions of 
> grub because the Debian package of grub doesn't allow easily specifying 
> different files to the grub installer (I suppose that I could force it if I 
> knew grub better, but for me it's easier to remove one and install another).  
> So on one machine I have LILO and two different alternating versions of grub.
> Does grub support XFS and JFS yet?

yes the debian package of grub does the upstream release does not yet,
and the patches have not been commited to cvs yet

> I agree that grub is the way of the future, it has some great features.  But 
> there are many very useful things that LILO does which grub can't do.  Also 
> note that I did not try to make the above list comprehensive, I just listed 
> things as they came to mind.

I agree, I prefer grub, but lilo still has its place, and I think should
remain the default bootloader!

Jason Thomas

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