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Re: Spaces in filenames [was: Has a Debian developer ever unintentionally wiped out user files like Apple?]

Ari Makela <hauva@lagavulin.sappho.net> wrote:
> Sebastian Rittau writes:
> > Even though my "example" is nonsence the point is valid; why should I
> > cripple filenames like "War of the Worlds", "Déjà Vu", or "Light My
> > Fire"?

> Because they will break. They should not, but they do. 
> Another good example is how find and xargs handle spaces in
> file names.

> Sometimes it doesn't matter how things should be but how they are.

With GNU-findutils you can use -print0 and -0, which should take
care of the problem. <AOL> Imho spaces are ok but you should stick
with ascii, else you could have interesting problems eg. if you
transfer them to or from your vfat-Partition.
              cu andreas

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