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Re: Discussion: wnpp and ITPs

Hi Taketoshi!

You wrote:

> It seems that we will have more and more longer 
> living ITPs if we don't have some solution here.
> I don't know what should be done exactly.  But
> I'm afraid that we may have many problems around
> forgotten (sub-marine) ITPs or duplicate ITPs
> unless we make the wnpp page more easily readable.

I'm currently working on a script to generate wnpp bug summaries, which
should also make it easy to (semi-)automagically clear out old ITP's or
remove old orphaned packages. The parsing of the BTS is a bit tricky,

> Another idea is to introduce "expire" period in 
> ITP/ITA so that we can clear up the obsoleted
> or forgotten declaration.

Yes, more or less the same idea has arisen in debian-qa some time ago.

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