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Re: misuse of debconf notes

Sam Hartman wrote:
> So, how do you see debconf notes interacting with priority?  What's
> wrong with having a fairly chatty install at priority low or mildly
> chatty at medium?

I don't really know. This is one of the things I will be forced to work
out if things go on as they are going.

It's fine to have a chatty install at low priority, I guess. On the
other hand, you might just be a control freak who doesn't want to read
all kinds of drivel that you can find in a README.Debian if you want it.

It's also very annoying to have a non-chatty install at high prioerity
and then find you have a mailbox full of notes. Mailing can be turned
off in debconf.conf, but then it'd really suck to miss the one
legitimite note that tells you that your hard drive won't boot.

One way to look at the problem is that chatty informative notes
shouldn't have a priority. They might have a relevance rating, a
do-you-really-want-to-see this rating, but trying to shoehorn that and
priority both into the single debconf priority scale is what leads to
the issues.

It would probably be best to use note for what it was designed for,
which is dispalying error messages, which are a particular type of
message that it does make sense to assign a priority to (which is why I
didn't consider the above scenarios and issues much when I put notes
into debconf), and go with a separate mechanism for the chatty notes
stuff, if that stuff is really necessary.

see shy jo

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