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Re: misuse of debconf notes

>>>>> "Joey" == Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

    Joey> My main concern right now is that debconf notes are being
    Joey> vastly overused, and that this will result in a debian
    Joey> install that is so cluttered with low-value notes that the
    Joey> important stuff is easily missed. Unless people begin to
    Joey> heed my call to stop overusing debconf notes, I am going to
    Joey> have to either do a lot of work to come up with a proper
    Joey> note logging system for them to use, that is designed for
    Joey> this kind of usage -- or resort to draconion measures such
    Joey> as making debconf no longer display notes at all, or
    Joey> something similarly distateful.

So, how do you see debconf notes interacting with priority?  What's
wrong with having a fairly chatty install at priority low or mildly
chatty at medium?

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