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Re: Keeping packages in sync (over multiple workstations)

On Mon, Oct 29, 2001 at 02:39:54PM +0100, Sylvain de Crom wrote:
> We aim at giving a identical workstation to all our users, eg the same
> packages and the same configuration on all the workstations. But as time
> goes people tend to install `temporarily` packages (to compile mozilla
> for instance) so our workstations have become out of sync.
> I tried to sync them with dpkg --get-selections on one system, and the
> output to dpkg --set-selections on another followed by apt-get
> dselect-upgrade. This got the systems nearer together, but it didn't
> deinstall the surplus packages on the second system.
> Could someone give me a hint to how I should get the machines in sync?


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