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Re: Testing menu support in window managers and other menu-enabled packages

Thanks for your feedback !

To make things clear: I test the support in window managers and
others packages providing menu-method for the "Debian menu system".

Please remember I have tested debian/testing and not unstable.

Some explanation of the tests:

--- Does it support "/" in menu name ?

I create a menu entry in /etc/menu with a title containig an embeded "/", like
yellowpig% cat /etc/menu/kino2
?package(local.kino2):command="/usr/local/bin/kino2" needs="X11" \
                     section="Apps/Viewers" title="Kino2/DV"
Sometimes the menu-method create (wrongly) a submenu Kino2 with an 
entry DV in it.

--- Does it support user defined menu entry in ~/.menurc?
There was a typo, I really mean
--- Does it support user-defined menu entries in ~/.menu
I create a menu entry in ~/.menu, run update-menu and launch the window manager
Then I test if the menu include this entry.

1) I have forgotten wmaker in the OK list, thanks Marcelo <mmagallo@debian.org>
2) pwm  in unstable is fixed, thanks Daniel Bungert.
3) blackbox support user menu, but require user editing .blackboxrc, thanks
Sean 'Shaleh' Perry.
4) I forgot to test gnome-panel and sawfish-gnome, thanks Christian Marillat.
sawfish-gnome is OK (but conflict with sawfish so I forgot it).
gnome-panel does not seem to support user menu entries.
5) I do not want to report bugs on packages I never use, because it is too
easy to report false bugs.

So here an update
list 2 (OK) add wmaker and sawfish-gnome
list 2'(OK with editing of .*rc) blackbox
list 3 (menu in ~/.menu does not show up) add pwm and gnome-panel, remove

list 6 (update-menus assume root) remove pwm
list 8 (Suggests,Recommends or Depends on the menu package , but no menu-method
installed): remove gnome-panel, sawfish-gnome


Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

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