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wonderful day! (2 FHS transitions complete in one upgrade)

As of my latest upgrade to unstable, this laptop has now completed the
/var/lib/games -> /var/games transition, flawlessly. I took a look at
/usr/doc and aside from one broken python symlink (bug filed) and one
directory from a non-debian, proprietary .deb, it is composed of nothing
but symlinks.

/usr/man still has 20 files in it.

/usr/info has dir, dir.old and one other info page.

/usr/lib still has tons of stuff that should probably go to /usr/share,
but who's looking?

It's taken forever, but we're getting there!

I dug up the old tech committe decision on how /usr/doc will be
transitioned (from over 2 years ago!):

We're currently near the end of step 2. I hope that not long after woody
is released, base-files's postinst will be set to delete all symlinks in
/usr/doc, move any directories that might somehow remain to
/usr/share/doc, and link /usr/share/doc to /usr/doc. Then we can start
removing all the symlink management code from all the postinsts and
prerm's, and dpkg stops having to run a postinst for every single
package it upgrades.  I eagerly await that day.

see shy jo

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