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update-rc.d sequence number for hpoj (HP OfficeJet Linux driver)

In Bug#115984 it was brought to my attention that I should be starting 
hpoj prior to cups starting. As if you want to both, hpoj must be
started first to setup the lower level abstraction prior to cups

Cups starts at the default init.d sequence of 20.

I would like to start hpoj at an earlier run level and
Debian Policy 10.3.3 states that I need to talk to the sysvinit
maintainer and debian-devel about my proposal. 

Easy I thought to my self.  I'll just start it a couple of run levels
earlier, and that way if any future dependencies come up then someone
will be able to fit in between.. (Something about BASIC programming
a hundred years ago ingrained that :-)

Anyway I had a look and unfortunately bind starts at sequence 19 and
hpoj needs to start after bind as it is possible to manage HP Jet-Direct
devices as well.

So if I start hpoj at sequence 19 it will start after bind, but only
because h comes after b.  Of course this leaves us all very little
room to move.  Is there a specific reason bind starts so close to
the default sequence level of 20.  Wouldn't bind be better starting
around 15 or so, such that applications such as mine can fit in between??

Anyway the upshot of all this is I propose to install hpoj with an
init.d sequence level of 19 so it will start after bind and before cups.



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