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Re: editor alternatives?


At 18 Oct 2001 08:47:34 +0200,
Mikael Hedin wrote:

> Anyway,  I noticed that of the editors I have, nvi has the highest
> priority for the editor alternative.  (I have nano and elvis-tiny
> also).  Is this really sensible?  That means e.g. that a new user (not
> used to unix) that tries mutt and send a mail get thrown into vi-from
> where they will not be able to get out!  They will have a bad
> first impression.  Should not some more newbie-friendly editors have
> higher priority?  When they grow up and want/can use vi, they set
> EDITOR to vi anyway.

I don't have many request.  My request is simple:  Editors which
cannot be used should not have the highest priority.

Editors with which we cannot input or display letters are obviously

For multibyte-language speakers, 8bit editors are useless, just like
non-8bit-clean editors are useless for most European people.

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.org>
"Introduction to I18N"  http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/intro-i18n/

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