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cdebconf: dpkg-reconfigure tests for %s.config

> there might well be bugs in cdebconf. it hasn't been worked on for some
> time. patches are welcome! :-)

One thing I found, is that on line 299 of dpkg-reconfigure.c
there is a test for %s.config in INFODIR, which seems to abort
the reconfigure if it is not found.

This means that in the context of debian-installer and main-menu,
when main-menu calls dpkg-reconfigure nothing happens since there
are no .configs in debian-installer.

Also on searching google, I came up with the following CVS entry
for debconf:

Changes since 1.3: +0 -7 lines 
Diff to previous 1.3 

   * Removed test from dpkg-reconfigure for .config script. The test
        shouldn't be necessary; postinst scripts _should_ be idempotent.

This was for version 1.4


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