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cdebconf, --> INPUT medium debian-installer/main-menu; <-- 30 Question skipped

--> INPUT medium debian-installer/main-menu
<-- 30 Question skipped
--> GO
<-- 0 OK
--> GET debian-installer/main-menu

This was with DEBCONF_FRONTEND set to noninteractive (which
essentially just sets "interactive" to 0, so that commands.c
sees it as not visible, hence the question skipped.

What happens to the default I put into the template though ?
I was thinking that it would take my default and act on it.

Am I totally misguided ? or only partially ?

This is towards making a non-interactive installer (for clusters).

Though I am thinking I will have to just make dhcp be a default
action on startup, but I would still like to try and make
my installer as much as possible conformant to the
new debian-installer system (which I am aware is in still being developed,
ie. not yet developed fully).


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