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Re: GNU C++ 3.0 porting help wanted

On Tuesday 09 October 2001 17:46, peter karlsson wrote:
> Hi!

> I am currently having problems trying to get one of my packages
> (turqstat) compiled due to problems with changes in GNU C++ 3.0.
> Unfortunately, I don't really know enough of the changes (especially to
> the standard library) to fix it, which is quite a shame, given that I
> wrote the program myself... :-/

You're missing the important part: what problems are you experiencing ?

> Anyway, if anyone could help getting it up and running on g++3, I would
> be very grateful.

There are various issues when switching from g++ 2.x to 3.0, most of them are 
trivial to fix, for one other I have almost given up hope for a fix. 
The trivial ones are the much stricter checking done by 3.0 . When 
  #include <vector.h>
  vector<int> vec;
worked with 2.x, it is simply wrong C++ (read: not according to the 
ISO-norm). Instead, you have to use 
  #include <vector>
  std::vector<int> vec;
with 3.0. IIRC, with 2.x, the namespace std was #defined to "" and therefore 
de facto not existant. 

Another issue I found is related to the name-mangling [1] of C++-symbols. The 
changes between 2.x and 3.x are intentionally incompatible, because the 
ABI[2] changed too. I found this problem when trying to link with wxWindows, 
a C++ class-library. The problem will probably only be solvable by 
recompiling wxWindows with g++-3.0 but that too will result in an not 
backward-compatible change; I have not the foggiest when this will happen nor 
how this transition will be handled (anyone?) .


[1] the way the names of functions or methods modified in order to be 
presented to the linker.
[2] Application Binary Interface, the way arguments for function-calls are 
treated before calling the function and return-values are retrieved 

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