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Re: Postfix in unstable made my system an open spam relay

racke@linuxia.de (Stefan Hornburg (Racke)) writes:

> > 	Most likely you are being bitten by Wietse's weird idea that
> > 	hosts in networks local to the SMTP server should be allowed
> >     to relay. In the days of cable modem networks, this is quite
> >     a stupid policy to have by default. Stop blaming the guy who
> >     maintains the Debian package, fix your policy and agree with
> >     some of us that Wietse is not always right. (Nice blocktext)
> But allowing relay from is OK ? I'm the maintainer
> of the Courier mail server, where this is the default.

	If you ask me, nothing but localhost should be allowed to
	relay by default.

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