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wnpp: ITP: fsdext2 -- Mounts your GNU/Linux ext2fs partitions under Windows 9x.

Package: wnpp
Version: N/A
Severity: wishlist

FSDEXT2 is a port of the second extended file system (ext2fs) to Windows
9x; albeit a read-only version. Using FSDEXT2 you can transparently mount
your GNU/Linux ext2fs partitions on Windows 9x.

I plan to package it by putting the stuff in /root (or even copying to the
vfat partition from postinst by greping vfat /etc/fstab) in a similar
way than the loadlin package does.

When the GNU/Win port is working i'll build a native package from the same

I want to use the forked version with some improvements in:

URL is http://www.schnabel-online.de/fsdext2.html

It's licensed under the GNU GPL.


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