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Consistent bases

First, sorry for the little spam, I have not sent mail to everyone but
only to those people I think are interested.
I'm an old attached user of Slackware, Free, Net and Open BSD and my
interest is specially in old hardware. I recently downloaded Debian from
your main mirror becouse I'm very in feel with its philosophy and I
wanted to try out its quality. To reach my target, i have downloaded
many many files in many directories and thought alot on how to put them
togheter. At the end no problem but how hard it was and how many time it
taken me with my 56K modem.
I thought at the reasons why i love so much Slack and FreeBSD, power and
ease of download and install. So i think Debian should have a more
complete 'base system' with networking support and compilers, all
enclosed in few light directories, becouse research and downloads of
files and directories with hundreds of files, also for building a little
base system with networking and compilers only, take too much time for
people who love old hardware and use analogical modems, and they are the
most, at least for connection, all over the World. So the lack of a
light, easy to download, full functional base system is felt and is in
my opinion that the development of that kind of distibution method will
make well to the diffusion and popularity of Debian.


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