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Re: Consistent bases

On Sat, Oct 06, 2001 at 01:43:36AM +0200, lcnrf@libero.it wrote:
> First, sorry for the little spam, I have not sent mail to everyone but
> only to those people I think are interested.
> I'm an old attached user of Slackware, Free, Net and Open BSD and my
> interest is specially in old hardware. I recently downloaded Debian from
> your main mirror becouse I'm very in feel with its philosophy and I
> wanted to try out its quality. To reach my target, i have downloaded
> many many files in many directories and thought alot on how to put them
> togheter. At the end no problem but how hard it was and how many time it
> taken me with my 56K modem.
> I thought at the reasons why i love so much Slack and FreeBSD, power and
> ease of download and install. So i think Debian should have a more
> complete 'base system' with networking support and compilers, all
> enclosed in few light directories, becouse research and downloads of
> files and directories with hundreds of files, also for building a little
> base system with networking and compilers only, take too much time for
> people who love old hardware and use analogical modems, and they are the
> most, at least for connection, all over the World. So the lack of a
> light, easy to download, full functional base system is felt and is in
> my opinion that the development of that kind of distibution method will
> make well to the diffusion and popularity of Debian.
You might have less difficulty using the boot-floppies. They are
currently in testing for the upcoming release.

However, if you are really comfortable 'tinkering', go to 
http://packages.debian.org/debootstrap and download that. Then use alien
or simply untar it locally, use it to build a chroot environment which
can then be modified to a fully functioning debian system.

Or for instructions for install the stable distribution see:
(mirror if appropriate)


Gordon Sadler

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