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Re: how to fight back against Michael Bramer's spam

On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 12:15:25PM +0200, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Christian Kurz wrote:
> > So you consider those mails about translation of your package
> > descriptions spam? Do you call then also all those mails "Your package
> > has been uploaded", "The BTS received the following information", etc.
> > also spam and use such script to mail-bomb the email-address of their
> > owner? 
> The difference is that you are directly in control of those so
> they are solicited mails.

sorry, but how can I stop 'The BTS received the following information'
and 'Your package has been uploaded' Mails?

IMHO some english speaking people have problems with translations.
Maybe this is the real problem and they don't know the existence of
other languages.

First I make the whole translation without the maintainers (I propose
'don't include translations in .deb files'. I say 'the maintainer
don't speak all this languages, they can't check this', ...) 
After this I get some cons ('Don't change/translate _my_ description',
'Send notifications', ...) 
Now this is spam. And I read things like 'I can't check this all. I
can't read japanese.', 'you are my fiend', 'Dead, dead, ...', ...

And I send some mails to ftpmaster, to debian-admin. I don't get any
response. Someone stop the aptable dir on gluck. Maybe this all
english speaking people and they don't need translations. But our
users need translations. 

Martin write a patch and some maintainers are only laugh at this.
We can make a optional package with this patch and test the proposed
way. Maybe the maintainers have somedays a better way and we remove
this extra package. But no, we only get cons ("This is not the right
way", "Wait", "We need a general translation solution", ...)

But I can announce: 
 I have stop all notifications mails to the maintainers now. 

Now it is your turn. Now you can say 'Don't translate _my_
descriptions', ... 

If you need it, you can send a patch with a out-in or out-out.

And no, I will not stop the ddts. You are not the winners. The
notification mails was a support for the package maintainers. It is
your package and others have spend there time in the improvment of
your package.

I will continue the translation process and maybe I start other
projects. And we will get a debian with translated descriptions.

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