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Re: how to fight back against Michael Bramer's spam

On 03/10/01, Branden Robinson wrote:
> I call the following script "antispam".
> #!/bin/sh
> cat | mailx -s "UNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM YOUR SPAM BOT AT ONCE" grisu@debian.org
> Set up your favorite mail filter program to execute that script when
> receiving mail from grisu's ddts spambot.

And Michael Bramer wouldn't be able to filter them also out and ignore
your mail-bombing? That script is already a kind of mail-bombing-system
and using it instead of trying to communicate with Michael Bramer or
even offering to help with fixing or changing the current used tools, is
in my opinion childish behaviour.
> 2) place all of grisu's spam as-is into its own folder; let's say you
>    call it "BASTARD"

So you consider those mails about translation of your package
descriptions spam? Do you call then also all those mails "Your package
has been uploaded", "The BTS received the following information", etc.
also spam and use such script to mail-bomb the email-address of their

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