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Re: ddts: notification about fr translation of the hostname description

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Michael Bramer wrote:

> The ddts add a 'X-DDTS-Mail: notification <lang>' header in this mails.
> You can block this per procmail and you can select some languages with
> this...

That's too late, I've already received the mails.

> and this is a real problem. Also the qa group has a big problem with
> this mails. They get daily new packages and some qa packages get real
> maintainer.
> I must move this nonotifictaion from a per package to a per maintainer
> email address base and I will make this.

How about not sending the emails at all, unless someone requests it?

When I maintain a package, I am fully aware that I will receive emails to
<pkg>@packages.debian.org, and that I will receive email from the BTS about my
package.  Those mail sources go with maintaining the package.

However, you are abusing the system, and sending me spam that will not help me
in maintaining my package.  Your spam is not something that has any bearing on
the maintenance of my package.  I can do nothing with the spam I get from you.

> I build now a new db on auric with the email addresses from the
> package file.

You don't need to build a db.

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