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Re: Cargal.org donates 20gig harddisk

* Gustavo Noronha Silva <kov@debian.org> [2001.10.03 13:36:18-0300]:
> > I don't think shipping it from Europe to Brazilia makes much
> > sense. You'd have to pay customs duties and it might even get
> > stolen during transport (if I should believe the horror stories
> > about the Brazilian post service).
> well, I never lost a thing that I mailed but I had some problems
> with posting services... but no, you should not believe those
> stories... brazilian post service is a very good one and people here
> is very confident about it...
> and this hd would have to be mailed to Rio de Janeiro, that is where
> Carlos lives...

well, you guys better make a formal objection, or the deal is closed.
if you really can make better use (i have yet to see a debian mirror
on 20Gb), then go ahead and have the drive. why didn't you claim it
earlier (like a week ago...)?

do you really need it? cause we can certainly put it to very good

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