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Re: what happened to the dput package?

On 29/09/01, Adam Heath wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Sep 2001, Christian Kurz wrote:

> > On 01-09-25 Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> > > > No, dput doesn't depend on ssh, it only suggest it like rsync. But it
> > > > depends on GnuPG now, therefor the change.

> > > why the depends on gpg?

> > Because the default behaviour of dput is to check the signatures on the
> > .dsc and the .changes file. So it won't be useful without GnuPG in the
> > default behaviour except you select to ignore the signature check.

> Do not make this the default, and then you don't need any depends on
> gnupg, so it can stay in main.

This won't be an option since now I moved the code already to
non-us.debian.org. And after that was sucessfully done, I'm working on
integrate more crypto, especially support for other hash algorithmens.
So that wouldn't allow me an upload to master in the future and therefor
I don't see why I should remove the dependency. Instead I would prefer
then to drop the whole code, which introduced that and reduce the
features in dput, so that some of the features will only be available to
me and only a small subset available to other people. I know this would
be a step back, but that way no one can be feel more annoyed about any
change that I make on the dput package, it's code (except needed
bugfixes) or new features.


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