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libtool problem: -version-info makes me change package name every release


while packaging elastic (http://www.elasticworld.org/) i stumbled across
this little problem: every time the upstream author adds some functions
to the api and bumps up the library CURRENT while setting its REVISION
to 0 (as per libtool docs, this means that binary compatibility was
*not* broken!) the soname of the library changes. example:

elastic 0.0.21 -> CURRENT=21 REVISION=0 (AGE=21)
             ---> libelastic.so.21.0.21 (link is libelastic.so.21)

elastic 0.0.22 -> CURRENT=22 REVISION=0 (AGE=22)
             ---> libelastic.so.22.0.22 (link is libelastic.so.22)

in debian we uses the soname version in the package name and usually
change it only when binary compatibility is broken, right? well... what
should i do? release a NEW package every time the upstream author
release a new version? this is IMO wrong, because, for example, going
from 0.0.21 to 0.0.22 does not break the API.

it is just libtool that uses a versioning system different from ours, or
there is something i didn't understand?

help, please,

Federico Di Gregorio
MIXAD LIVE Chief of Research & Technology              fog@mixadlive.com
Debian GNU/Linux Developer & Italian Press Contact        fog@debian.org
  The devil speaks truth much oftener than he's deemed.
                                   He has an ignorant audience. -- Byron

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