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Re: Completely OT, just to quickly prove a point.

Thank you all for your kind replies.  It is plain to me that while Craigs
response was not at all polite, I did not give him enough background
information for him to think anything other than that I had not read the
documentation.  In truth, I had read the docs and they don't state that if
you leave the --revision option off it will stick a custom-1.00 string on
your package for you.  It has been pointed out that I should possibly make
a minor bug report against the package and I will.  My appologies to the
list for the whole incident and especially to Craig for some of the things
that were said of list.

Russel H. Ingram
Unix Systems Administrator
Institute for Scientific Computation
University of Wyoming/Math Dept.
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E-Mail: ringram@uwyo.edu

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