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Re: Completely OT, just to quickly prove a point.

On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 09:58:59AM -0600, Russel Ingram wrote:
> Thank you all for your kind replies.  It is plain to me that while Craigs
> response was not at all polite, I did not give him enough background
> information for him to think anything other than that I had not read the
> documentation.  In truth, I had read the docs and they don't state that if
> you leave the --revision option off it will stick a custom-1.00 string on
> your package for you.  It has been pointed out that I should possibly make
> a minor bug report against the package and I will.  My appologies to the
> list for the whole incident and especially to Craig for some of the things
> that were said of list.

AFAIK if you don't provide a --revision option, it just takes that
info from /etc/kernel-pkg.conf . You can change it there if you want.

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