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Re: A language by any other name

>> Chris Lawrence <lawrencc@debian.org> writes:

 > Seems to me that "American English", "Australian English", "British
 > English", "Singaporese(?) English", "Hong Kong English", "Canadian
 > English", etc. are most appropriate; there is no reason for one
 > particular variant to be called "English."

 May I remind you gentlemen that I started this thread because gdm sets
 an environment variable to "English", a token that doesn't exist and is
 not aliased to any valid locale[0], whilst "Spanish", "French" and
 others are?  I don't care what "Spanish" is aliased to, I don't use the
 alias.  IFF I set any locale variable to something related to Spanish,
 I'll probably set them to "es_ES" because that's what's got the most
 translations.  Where it important for me, I'd set LC_MONETARY to es_CR
 (after defining it).  Why the aliases exist in the first place is
 beyond me, perhaps "xx_XX" is too cryptic and there's people out there
 who need to see a Xenopholand alias.  The reason why I submitted the
 original bug was because I saw something what missing.  After thinking
 about it, I think there's also lack of consistency (Spanish -> Spain,
 English -> England, it can't get easier than that).  Ben said he
 wouldn't make the change if there's isn't a concensus regarding what
 this should be aliased to.  I'm sure I could collect enough proof for
 lack of concensus regarding some of the other aliases, but that'd be
 childish, and we have plenty of that already and better things to do.

 [0] I haven't installed a current version of gdm to see of the bug is
 still there or not (I used the testing version at the time), and that's
 why I haven't submitted a bug against it.
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                    |         -- (Terry Pratchett, Interesting Times)

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