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Re: lintian releases

On 26-Sep-2001 Steve Greenland wrote:
> On 25-Sep-01, 17:56 (CDT), Sean 'Shaleh' Perry <shalehperry@home.com> wrote: 
>> a) you declare a relation on a package more than once i.e. Depends:
>> foo, foo (<< 2.0). Note this check assumes that '|' relations are
>> sane, so Depends: foo | bar | baz, foo is ok.
> How is that sane? I'm parsing that as "(foo OR bar OR baz) AND foo",
> which is the same as "(bar OR baz) AND foo", right? If so, it should be
> flagged as an error. (Yes, the dependendcy resolver should reduce it
> correctly, but it should reduce "foo, foo (<< 2.0)" to simply "foo (<<
> 2.0)" as well.)

Consider you have a package which wants a utility to parse html and a utility
to download webpages.  lynx happens to handle both.  So you have:

Depends: lynx | web-retriever, lynx | web-parser | perl-web-parser.  If you
left lynx out of either depends you would be forced to install a useless
package.  So I assume that OR statements are sane and do not parse them. 

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