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Re: XFS Kernel image packaging

On Tue, 25 Sep 2001, David wrote:

> 	At this time being, there's no official XFS kernel images nor
> patches in Debian, however there is xfsprogs as far as I know in Woody
> & Sid.  I am willing to work on an XFS kernel floppy boot disk, but it
> would be pointless cine a kernel image with XFS is bloated by about
> 300K if I'm not mistaken, at least the ones on some of the machines I
> put XFS into.  There are Reiserfs images avaiable however.
> 	I certainly would like to get a hold of some XFS based install
> disks if anyone ever has done any with success.
> David

There is a set of disks for installing on XFS available at
http://www.digitaltux.com.  The only complaint I have with those disks is
that the kernel is not up to date (nor is the version of XFS) and making
the filesystems XFS during the install requires that you jump through some
extra hoops.  I hope to remedy that in the near future as well.


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